Municipality of Ivaylovgrad

Located in the southeastern part of the Rhodope Mountains and in the Republic of Bulgaria, Ivaylovgrad municipality covers the northwestern part of Lower Thrace. On this fertile land with a captivating landscape and dense forests, which are reflected in the crystal waters of Ivaylovgrad Dam, we find traces of the thriving cultures of the Thracians and Romans, medieval Byzantium and Bulgaria, the culture of the Ottoman Empire and the reviving in the modern age Christian culture of local crafts and small landowners. The border geographical position – between two continents, between the plain and the mountains, as well as the complex historical destiny determine this region to be a “border” place of different cultures, religions and ethnic traditions, whose interaction here has created invaluable cultural wealth as a message for future generations. Here matures a magnificent wine made from the magical fruits of Dionysius, whose taste has gathered the sun and the legends of Thrace. Nature is kept clean and untouched by human activity.

Municipality of Ivaylovgrad:
Ivaylovgrad, 49 Bulgaria Str
tel .: +359 3661 6090; +359 3661 6528;
mobile: +359 885 504 010
Fax: +359 3661 6022

Municipality of Keshan

 Keşan is 112 km from Edirne. It is established on the eastern edge of a plain that extends to the Meriç River in the west. It is surrounded by Uzunköprü District (47 km) in the north, Malkara District of Tekirdağ Province (26 km) in the east, Gallipoli District of Çanakkale Province (60 km) in the southeast, Saros Bay (45 km) in the south, Enez District (70 km) and Ipsala District (30 km) in the west.

Its area is 1087 km2. The district center is 17.5 km2 and its villages and towns have a surface area of ​​1069.5 km2. Nearly 100% of the people of the district are immigrants from Greece, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia. All of Suluca, Orhaniye, Pırnar villages and 50% of Beyendik and Çamlıca villages are Pomak Turks. Yeniceçiftlik Village is completely Bosnian, and all of the other villages are local people called Gacal. The dominant spoken language in the district is Turkish. However; The people of Orhaniye, Pırnar and Suluca villages speak Turkish as well as Pomak; In the Siğili, Türkmen and Paşayiğit Villages, the brunette citizens speak Romani; Bosnian is spoken in Yeniceçiftlik village.

Municipality of Keshan:
Keşan Municipality, Yukarı Zaferiye Mahallesi, İlyas Bey Cad. No: 23 – Kesan
Tel: 0 284 714 11 85
Fax: 0 284 714 09 85

Last updated on 16.8.2021