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First press conference


First press conference

On 04.08.2021 in the small hall of the Community Center “Awakening-1914” from 12.00 a press conference was held for the start of the project №CB005.2.21.114 “Improving the conditions for access to natural, cultural and tourist sites by creating of tourism and recreation areas in the village of Lambuh, Ivaylovgrad municipality and Keshan »Funded by the Cross-border Cooperation Program Interreg – IPA Bulgaria – Turkey 2014 – 2020 under the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance.

Stakeholders present in the hall were acquainted with the goals and activities of the project, as well as its development during the first months of its implementation by the team for organization, management and implementation of the project, namely:

Project goal: The project is aimed at increasing the tourist attractiveness of the cross-border region by:

Better utilization of natural, cultural and historical heritage;
Development of cooperation in the field of tourism development;
Strengthening the tourism sector in the region;
Increasing the tourist flow in both municipalities;
Exchange of know-how and best practices;
Acquisition of relevant skills to expand the capacity and experience of partners.
Specific objective of the program: Increasing the tourist attractiveness of the cross-border region by utilizing the cultural and historical heritage and the adjacent infrastructure.

General information about the project: Implementation period: 30.12.2020 – 30.12.2022 (2 years)

Project value: € 490,774.34, of which: 85% – co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund and 15% – national and own co-financing.

Partners: Ivaylovgrad Municipality, Bulgaria – Lead Partner, with a total budget of EUR 275,813.45 and Keshan Municipality, Turkey – Project Partner 2, with a total budget of EUR 214,960.89


Activity 1 – Project management:

The project will be managed by a team of 6 members of the teams of the partner municipalities, three experts from each of the two municipalities.

Activity 2 – Development of a tourist complex in the village of Lambuh, Ivaylovgrad municipality

The activity is performed by the Lead Partner and includes:

Reconstruction of a panoramic road for access to Ivaylovgrad dam with a length of 4030 m .;
Reconstruction of 2 pedestrian paths – a path from the church “St. Peter and Paul” to the area Ayazmoto with a length of 775 m and the path to the dam Ivaylovgrad with a length of 300 m;
Construction of an information center, access ramps for people with disabilities, observation and rest area, playground, photovoltaic lighting fixtures, etc.

Activity 3. Development of Adventure Park in Keshan Municipality

The activity will be implemented by project partner 2 and envisages the construction of a unique adventure park in Keshan – Yeni Mahale, Eren Avenue. The park is located next to a natural forest in the Koru Mountains and includes:

Delivery and installation of facilities for tourist attractions (adventure park, game group “Castle”, circular track, series of cableways, groups for play “Fitness series”, etc.)
Construction of an information center so as to create a unique year-round adventure park for the region.

Activity 4 – Carrying out a joint campaign for popularization of the region, including the development of a joint program for tourism development, organization and holding of a Round Table in Ivaylovgrad and two promotional tours (one in Ivaylovgrad and one in Keshan) of the interested parties for the new tourist sites in both municipalities.

Activity 5 – Publicity and promotion of the project and its results:

The activity will be carried out jointly by the partners and includes organization of opening and closing press conferences, preparation of the project website and profile, information boards that will be placed on the reconstructed sites, production of banners and other advertising materials.

Within the framework of the Project activities on 4 – 5 August 2021 in the small hall of the Community Center “Awakening-1914” Ivaylovgrad was held a two-day meeting of the teams from the two municipalities, which reviewed the implementation of the contract so far, and discussion of current procedures for awarding public procurements, already signed contracts with contractors and making advance payments on them, results obtained so far, whether there is a need for modification of certain activities and the reasons for the necessary changes, deadlines for implementation of activities, and and what potential risks and delays are possible, given the impact of the new wave of COVID-19 on project implementation, such as travel restrictions, order fulfillment problems, delivery delays, etc ..

The project teams also held a working meeting with the Mayor of Ivaylovgrad Municipality – Mrs. Diana Ovcharova, the end of which ended with a wish for successful and timely implementation and completion of the project

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Във връзка с договора за създаване и поддържане на фейсбук страница по проект ТГС България – Турция, трябва да се публикува изготвените анкети от община Ивайловград и Община Кешан Турция, 

На сайта на Община Ивайловград сме я публикували със следното съобщение може да го промените или използвате същото: “Уважаеми дами и господа, на Вашето внимание предоставяме анкета, за да проучи мнението на местното население на община Ивайловград с цел развитие на регионалния туристически продукт, маркетинг на дестинацията и създаване на съвместна програма за развитие на туризма за Община Ивайловград, България и Община Кешан, Турция. Анкетата е анонимна. Обобщените резултати ще бъдат представени в проучването като част от анализа и база за изготвяне на последващи препоръки, мерки и конкретен план за действие в сферата на туризма.

Анкетата е създадена по проект № CB005.2.21.114 with project title “Improving the conditions for access to natural, cultural and tourist sites by creating zones for tourism and recreation in the village Lambuh, municipality of Ivaylovgrad and Kesan” on Interreg-IPA CBC Programme between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Turkey for the programming period 2014-2020”.




Община Кешан е партньор по гореописания проект. Анкетата е активна за 30 дневен срок, считано от 14.06.2022 г.