Joint working meeting

On 18.04.2022 and 19.04.2022, in implementation of PROJECT CB005.2.21.114 “Improving the conditions for access to natural, cultural and tourist sites by creating areas for tourism and recreation in the village of Lambuh, the municipality of Ivaylovgrad and Kesan “, financed under the program Interreg – IPA CBC Bulgaria – Turkey 2014 – 2020, a joint working meeting of the two project management teams was held in the town of Keshan, Keshan Municipality.

At the meeting, issues related to the project activities were discussed, as well as the progress in their implementation; what difficulties the two partners encounter in the execution of the contracts concluded with contractors and to what extent this affects compliance with the terms of these contracts. An on-site visit was also made to the investment site by the Keshan Municipality, namely the terrain where an adventure park will be built at the entrance to the city, near a forest, at the foot of Mount Koru.

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