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1. General project information

Tourism is a key area for sustainable economic development of the lvaylovgrad-Kesan region. Its major strength lies in its favorable location, characterized with mild climate, unique flora and fauna with exceptional biodiversity ,various natural attractions , rich cultural heritage, etc. Both municipalities have adequate accommodation network and attractive cultural calendar which are a sound basis for tourism development. The revived interest toward traditional crafts and the expanding promotion of the region are expected to boost the number of visitors as well.

However, there are constraints which hinder the region development as a preferred tourist destination. The lack of quality tourist products, specialized tourist-service companies and qualified personnel, as well as adequate infrastructure to access sites of natural and cultural heritage are common problems throughout the Program area.

The project addresses these common challenges through effective cooperation of the project partners in improving the tourist attractiveness of lvaylovgrad-Kesn region. This is achieved through joint initiatives and investments in small scale infrastructure for better utilization of natural, cultural and historical heritage. The region will be promoted as a common tourist destination offering attractive facilities and services.

On the Bulgarian side, Ivaylovgrad Municipality envisages the development of an eco-tourist destination and related infrastructure in the village of Lambuh. The site’s unique characteristics  combine serene nature at the surroundings of lvaylovgrad dam, St. Peter and Pavel church, as well as presence of 163 kinds of birds. The project implementation will allow the development of a unique and sustainable eco-tourist complex and related infrastructure: access road, two tourist paths, information centre, rest and observation areas, ramps for disabled people, etc.

On the Turkish side, Kesan Municipality targets improved tourist service based on the development of an adventure park at the gate of a fabulous forest, part of the Koru mountain and in proximity to Saros Gulf. The unique facility hosting various attraction groups and an information centre will ensure increased visits of the mountain forest offering trekking, biking and picnic opportunities . It will also lead to a decrease of crowded visits at the sea coast in summer. This will result in higher and optimized concentration of tourists to the natural sites of Kesan thus ensuring sustainable management and economic benefits of the region’s inheritance.

To ensure the coordinated operation of the new facilities and synergies from CB cooperation in the long run, the project partners will develop a common strategy for growth and marketing of the destinations as part of the Joint Tourist Development Program to be developed in the project. The planned communication and visibility measures are also key for better utilizing the tourism potential. Exchange of the partner experience and expertise is envisaged as a capacity building measure to expand the know-how in tourist service.

As a result, the project partners will overcome the identified problems and capitalize on the regions’ heritage and inherent wealth .

Tourists will be attracted to the region, while local communities will benefit from the developed opportunities for sustainable economic growth.

2. Number and name of the project – activities on the goals of the partners, expected results, duration, information on funding, etc.

–          Number – CB005.2.21.114

–          Name – Improving the conditions for access to natural, cultural and tourist sites by creating zones for tourism and recreation in the village Lambuh,municipality of lvaylovgrad and Kesan

–          Financing – the project is financed under Interreg-IPA CBC Programme between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Turkey for the programming period 2014-2020

2.1.Ivailovgrad activities

–          Development of a tourist complex at Lambuh village, lvaylovgrad Muicipality. Developed eco-tourist complex encompassing:

·       Reconstructed access panoramic road (from the main road Nr.111-597 Lubimets – lvaylovgrad to lvaylovgrad Dam) with a length of 4030 m and developed rest and observation areas and other facilities on its adjacent territories;

·       Reconstructed tourist path from St. Peter ad Pavel Church to Ayazmoto area with a length 775 m and developed rest and observation areas and other facilities its adjacent territories;

·       Development of newly built facilities at the site: information centre, ramps for access of people with disabilities,area for observation and rest, children’s playground, photovoltaic lights, etc.

2.2. Keshan activities:

–          Development of an Adventure park at Kesan municipality:

·       supply and installation of tourist attraction facilities (Adventure Park,Castle Game Group,Circular Track, Cable Car series, Fitness Series game groups,etc.) and an information centre to the designated site so that a unique for the area all-year adventure park is created. The park will serve as an entrance to the forest of Koru mountain and will attract visitors and holiday-make rs to the municipality not only in summer, but in other seasons.It will trigger increase tourist, nature and sport-lovers flow to the forest and the mountain;

·       The newly build information centre will also provide information on the available sightseeing and other tourism opportunities in the surrounding areas as well.

2.3. Joint activities

–          Joint awareness raising campaign – the partners will initiate of a joint awareness raising campaign encompassing:

·       Elaboration of a Joint Tourism  Development  Program in three languages  (Bg,Tu,Eng);

·       A joint  round table in lvaylovgrad with 30 participants, half from Turkey;

·       Promotional tours for stakeholders and journalists. 2 tours, one for 15 participants at each site.

–          The main goal of the campaign is to inform all interested stakeholders about the developed tourist sites and their facilities in both municipalities. The Joint Program will encompass  analysis of the regions ‘tourism sector and elaboration of a strategy for improved CB tourist attractiveness. It will also include a detailed description of other tourist activities, sites and events in the targeted areas thus providing a common handbook for visitors and residents of both municipalities. The Program will be developed in cooperation with representatives of the target groups by conducting an online opinion survey. The expert opinion, exchange of know-how and best practices will be considered during the planned round table in lvaylovgrad. The planned promotional tours will foster additional media interest and destinations’ popularization.

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